1. Kita

    This is so funny. I was just telling my bestie how she needs the Instant Pot in her life. It is game changer for sure. I use mine for a meat dish at least 2x per week. So worth it.

  2. What the what? I have never heard of instant pot. I think I need one in my life. I used to cook every single day! Now, I don’t. Maybe this will change that.

  3. I have heard LOTS of good things from this Instant Pot! I really need to invest in one, like NOW especially being able to cook food from the frozen state. I am really bad with remembering to thaw the food.

  4. I keep hearing about this instant pot and I clearly need to just get on board. I am the girl who forgets to thaw the meat out ahead of time. My crock pot needs replacing anyway and this is the new and improved model so I’m just going to lean with it rock with it.

    Now that school is back in session I need all the cooking assistance I can get.

  5. I don’t have an instant pot. I’m like you I always seem to forgot to thaw meat out. So you got me at you can cook even though the meat is not thawed and you can make meals in under a hour.

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